Jamia Milia University would be providing variety of courses

With a variety of courses, both conventional and non-conventional, Jamia Milia Islamia is providing a suitable platform to look for desirable courses and employment opportunities.
This season, the popular social science subjects offered are economics, sociology, psychology, social welfare, public administration. B-Tech, BA, LLB and bio-tech are equally in demand. The journalism course offered by Jamia is quite famous. Jamia has introduced twenty new courses in the current season. It is expecting 6270 admissions in the year 2007 for various courses. The prospectus for admission in Jamia is available online. Among the new courses, physiotherapy is expected to top the charts because of its popularity and increasing demand. With a total capacity of 11,000 students, Jamia provides a wide range of opportunities both in terms of quality and quantity education. Jamia Millia Islamia has always been India's best platform for aspiring professionals and as every year our focus would be on quality education. One of the reasons behind popularity of the university can be its locality, as the area provides a fabulous environment for students to learn and enhance their skills and knowledge.