The Means or the End! : Ganesh Krishnan, Founder and Chairman, TutorVista

Ganesh launched TutorVista in 2005 with a goal to provide all students with individualised learning progra-mmes taught by world class experts so that children get the proper education needed for success. A personalised, 24-hour online tutoring and test prep service, geared toward all ages and subjects, including K-12, college test prep, college/university courses and continuing graduate courses, TutorVista employs experts based in India as well as throughout other areas in Europe.
Ganesh while giving an overview of his products says, our core products are personalied tutoring service ( and animated educational content ( Our core strength lies in the area of: Technology, where we have a very robust and scalable technology led model. We can conduct personalised tutoring sessions for 100 to 100,000 students on our portal. Most of our operations are carried online, so we have a high level of automation in areas of student management, tutor management, session scheduling, conducting session, payments, reporting, etc.

Scalability – We can at any point of time scale up by adding hundreds of tutors in a matter of week. Post that our processes take care of training, deployment, etc. This cookie cutter solution based upon our expertise in process oriented industry like BPO gives us the  edge. Animated Education Content