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Combining state of the art infrared technology with award winning EVS projection and dry-erase surface, TeamBoard is one of the world’s largest touchscreen interactive whiteboard.Created for true ease of use, TeamBoard ‘Whiteboard Mode’ captures whatever one draws the instant one touches the writing surface. Notes and drawings are captured to PC, saved in popular cross-platform formats (PDF, JPEG, etc.), and shared electronically, emailed, or printed.

The TeamBoard ActionBar and TeamBoard Draw touchscreen tools provide an easy-to-use interface designed to accommodate content preparation and lesson development.

TeamBoard Interactive Touchscreen Mode

In ‘Interactive Mode’, TeamBoard Draw turns on the real power of computer-based presenting and training. Its latest software includes all the features one need, in a simplified format. The innovative TeamBoard AccessBar brings all the tools into one handy palette. Save favorite, frequently-used programmes into the AccessBar. Drive any of the PC applications  – like Microsoft Excel, AutoCad, a web browser, everything right at the board, with a simple touch of the finger.

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Freedom to teach

TeamBoard sets the teachers free to use any third-party software on their PC (Windows or Macintosh). Intuitive annotation tools work seamlessly with their software  as they highlight, draw, capture, and export to universal file types (i.e. JPEG, PDF).

RM Easiteach

RM Easiteach features a variety of teaching tools including Resource Banks, Word Libraries, Multimedia Bank with 1000’s of graphics, video and flash animations, Spotlight feature focuses attention on image details, Handwriting Recognition, Calculator, Spreadsheet and Database tools, Animation tools – Objects move and appear on command, Speech Tool reads on-screen text out loud, Easiteach tools for drawings and shapes. RM Easiteach Studio software (for Windows only) combines with TeamBoard to make lessons more exciting and fun to share, and easy to reuse. Suitable for use across the entire curriculum, Easiteach Studio and optional ‘plug-in’ content packs provide tools and content for specific subject and topic areas.

TeamBoard is:


  • An outstanding projection surface
  • A guaranteed-to-clean, dry-erase whiteboard
  • An intelligent whiteboard captures notes
  • An interactive touchscreen works with any application
  • Fingertip-driven
  • Compatible, works with any third-party PC software
  • TeamBoard Draw upgrades are free of

TeamBoard Draw

Whiteboard mode captures everything that is drawn on the TeamBoard, without using a data projector, directly into a digital file. This data can be printed, shared electronically, or saved for later use. A great tool for distance learning, one can freely download TeamBoard Draw to virtually any computer. Remote sites can easily share ideas and modify content.

TeamBoard Draw – ‘Interactive Mode’ TeamBoard Draw, the industry’s smartest interface, provides outstanding functionality.

TeamBoard Draw is an extremely powerful interface that captures screens into a workbook where one can save, print, email, import images, rearrange pages, create new screens. One-touch features, such as pen colors, print and erase are always available on the TeamBoard ActionBar that is printed along the bottom of the TeamBoard. TeamBoard Draw’s powerful annotation and drawing tools that enables one to capture ideas and communicate them instantly. TeamBoard Draw provides a permanent record of all notes, drawings, and lesson plans.

TeamBoard 8060

Designed to reach larger audiences, the TeamBoard 8060 is an 100″-diagonal (254cm), 80″w x 60″h full-screen display with a fixed aspect ratio. This precisely-calibrated, interactive touchscreen is 60% larger than 60″w x 48″h boards. A slim center moulding offers a clean finish to the framing, creating a single-board effect and the design ensures simple installation.

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