Academic, industry leaders join hands to set up Indo-UK education centre

The India-UK Advanced Technology Centre (IU-ATC), a virtual research and innovation centre comprising 22 industry and academic partners, has been launched recently to drive collaborative research programmes and technology transfer between the two countries.

The IU-ATC will conduct research on current and next generation fixed and wireless communications, with the aim of becoming a global centre of excellence for next generation networks (NGN) and information and communication technologies (ICT) research. The IU-ATC, which has British Telecom (BT) as its prime industry partner, will facilitate industry collaboration with academic research and government as part of an initial five-year research and development plan. It has already secured over $3 million to establish the first-ever India-UK virtual graduate research school, which will support collaborative PhD and post-doctorate projects and exchange visits within the IU-ATC. Currently, there are 22 consortium partners bringing a diversity of skills. The Indian partners include – IIT-Madras, IIT-Bangalore, IIT-Delhi, IIT-Mumbai, Infosys Technologies Ltd, BT India, Wipro Technologies and Sasken Communications. While the UK academic and industrial partners include – University of Ulster, BT, University College London, University of St Andrews Scotland, Queen Mary University of London, University of Southampton, University of Cambridge, Intergence Systems, UK. This consortium is aimed to ensure the rapid transfer of ideas and technology with the aim of creating breakthrough NGN and ICT research.