Bringing Cost Effectivity – Distance Learning Solutions : Sunil patil, President – Global Operations, UBICS

Stepping outside your role as a CEO or as a lead person in the company, speaking strictly as a user, why do you like your initiative in education? When using it, what strikes you as the cool feature(s)?
Today the world is a local place and if I need an expertise from the other side of the globe, I can get it right at my fingertips. I believe that online education solutions addresses this more effectively than anything else. Also, the first beneficial aspect that comes up is cost-saving with respect to time/travel costs. I can learn at my own pace and in the comforts of my own place and in much more detail.

Would you like to describe your partners, the who, why, and how factors of your company or the educational undertakings?
In India, we have universities with more than 400-500 colleges under their umbrella. In case there is a special visiting faculty, the students who are in immediate proximity can derive the benefits of the lecture. But with the distance learning software, you can accommodate each and every student, irrespective of his/her geographic locations, by broadcasting the lecture live over the Internet and also by archiving the same simultaneously so that it can be made available in the future.

A right solution always needs right backing and being part of USD 5 billion UB Group makes it more exciting for us

Whether and how nervous are you with the e-Education ventures of yours when you see it more competitively?
We are not nervous about what we are offering as we have studied the market and have found that the other solutions in the market consume heavy bandwidths when features such as desktop sharing or application sharing are used. Our patented technology executes the said task with matchless ease and makes the entire offering a very cost-effective and bandwidth friendly solution. A right solution always needs right backing and being part of USD 5 billion  UB Group makes it more exciting for us.

What are the core issues that hinder the widespread use of your educational services?
There are no such very core issues, in fact, we see it as an opportunity in this region where bandwidth is a major constraint.

What are the other areas / ventures of your company, or planning for in future? Would you like to share some of your future strategies for the Indian education sector?
Other than the enterprise distance education solution, we also provide solutions for Software-based Video Conferencing, On-Demand Video Creation with Content Synchronisations, Webcasting with Web-assets Synchronisation, Live Events Video Transmission over the Internet.

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