What are the focus areas identified by CEMCA on the use and integration of (informations and communication technologies) ICTs in education in India, and where and how do you see the implications in the coming years? Would you like to discuss some of the ongoing projects of CEMCA in the education sector?
Teacher Development, particularly in creation of SIM for ODL ( weak and new institutions). We have coined a new term SLIM3 (Self Learning Instructional Multimedia material). We recently had an opportunity of training 20 teachers from Haryana for Course writing for open and Distance Learning .

Quality control of multimedia offerings (assessment initiative)- CEMCA in association with NAAC and NASSCOM has embarked upon an ambitious project to assessss , standardise, certify and if possible rate the Educational Multimedia Materials. It is an fairly advanced stage. We propose to come out with the zeroth version of norms and guidelines in about three months time. A core group is working on it. We are also forming a parallel core group in Malaysia. We would like to come out with an Asian standard. We have involved the Industry. NIIT, HP labs, Azim Premji Foundation, ILF&S are some of industry partners who are helping us. Prof VS Prasad and Kiran Karnik has taken a lot of interest in the project. Prof Rajasekharan PIllai, VC, IGNOU, and Prof MC Pant, Chairman National Institute for Open Schooling are also offering their cooperation.