We Will Reach 10 Million Students By 2009 : shantanu prakash, CEO, Educomp Solutions

Stepping outside your role as a CEO or as a lead person in the company, speaking strictly as an user, why do you like your initiative in education?
At Educomp, our focus area has been how to make learning easy and interesting for children. Our products are therefore carefully designed to address those pain areas which have made process of learning dull and difficult. With Smart Class system, rich multimedia content was made available in class which not only made subjects/topics interesting but easily understandable to all students. Similarly our online Math self help portal mathguru.com was developed keeping in mind the need for students to have a 24×7 tutor who would help them solve any math problem.

How is your company doing in different markets and places? What kind of adoption rates have you noticed for it in both domestic and global markets?
Over the last few years, Educomp has growing at over 100% each year been with increased penetration and faster adoption for our products and services.

From a humble start of setting up a learning lab in a school over 13 years back, Educomp today works with over 7,000  schools and 4 million learners worldwide. We are India’s largest professional development company, having trained over 7.5 lakh teachers to date. We are also the largest player in Private-Public Partnership in ICT implementation in government schools under Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan. Our online tutoring initiatives mathguru.com and now Learninghour.com are registering fast growth among students.

Children in both private and government schools in India are benefiting from Educomp developed rich multimedia curriculum content available in over 10 languages. We are the first education company to invest in pioneering ventures such as Savvica which will enable large scale education communities on a global scale.

Would you like to share some of your future strategies for Indian education sector?
There are two specific aspects which Educomp will be focusing on over the next few years in the domestic market.

  • School to workplace programmes making students employable as soon as they are out of schools. Educomp today works with about 4 million students across the country, many of them from areas where getting a job in India’s new knowledge economy is a highly aspirational proposition.
  • One on One Computing: Educomp through strategic alliance with partners will focus on next generation computing in the classroom namely one on one computing when large school bags will be replaced with a computing device.

As the overseas market expansion plans, Educomp started executing its global strategy by acquiring Ask and Learn, the leading education company in Singapore with a market share of over 60%. Simultaneously Educomp is also looking at acquiring  other companies in the region in countries such as Vietnam, China, Malaysia, Thailand, etc., thus becoming the dominant player in this space.

Like in SE Asia, Educomp is leveraging its competency in digital content solutions in US as well. The content development for the US, which is done out of Educomp’s global development center in Bangalore is in process of developing high quality digital content aligned to US learning standards.