Peshawar NGO provides education to dropouts

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Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) in the city are attracting dropouts who come from low-income families. Orphans and Refugees Aid (ORA), an international organisation working to serve orphans and refugees across the developing world, is one such NGO whose aim is to attract children from poor families towards education by employing different techniques.

Sick of cruel punishments at the hands of teachers, more children are deciding to leave regular school and instead join an education centre set up by an NGO. T
housands of children in the country drop out of educational institutions due to problems. Anti-child labour organisations attribute harsh treatment and financial difficulty as the primary causes.

ORA currently has centres in different cities of the country running different projects. Its centre in Peshawar is called Zama Kor, meaning 'my home' in Pushto.


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