Indian government awards scholarship to Lao students

Twenty-two Lao nationals have been selected to undergo specialised training in India at its premium institutions. Out of them, eight will be pursuing further studies at the Indian universities for research work, Masters in Business Administration Programme, Masters in Computer Sciences and research work in sociological areas.

The eight nationals for university education have come from the National University of Laos, Lao Mekong National Committee and commercial organisations. They were selected by Ministry of Education of Laos in coordination with the Embassy of India after a rigorous selection process.

Other 14 nationals are leaving for specialised training programmes in areas such as professional English and IT courses, sustainable livelihood and empowerment of rural women, space and atmospheric sciences.

India offers every year approximately 100 scholarships for Lao nationals out of which 14 are for university education and research work and over 80 for specialised professional training in Indian institutes.

One positive development during the year 2008 is that Lao nationals have begun to show greater interest in professional programmes relating to their actual occupation instead of choosing only English. This indicates greater awareness amongst Lao people of capacity building and training opportunities available in India in modern economic and technological areas.

They met the Indian Ambassador on July 21 prior to their departure to India. They were all full of enthusiasm and confident that their studies and training in India will further contribute to their work in Laos.