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ITWorx launches new version of its e-learning solution ‘EducationCatalyst’

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ITWorxITWorx one of the Middle East's leading software professional services firms and a global leader in e-Learning solutions based on the Microsoft Learning Gateway (MLG), has today announced the launch of its newest version of Education CatalystTM for schools and higher-education.

Catalyst is a pioneering product suite equipped with advanced tools that have been specifically designed to enable academic institutions to create their own websites, user data, user groups, and site memberships. Education Catalyst product suite is intuitive, user-friendly and demonstrates endless benefits to academic institutions; furthermore its ease and speed of deployment has so far encouraged
many schools within the Middle East, and even internationally, to adopt e-learning solutions.

In the United Arab Emirates, ITWorx is currently engaging with 50 schools in the Ministry of Education. Internationally, 25 schools in County Durham, England, are reaping the many benefits of education offerings and tools, and extending into an additional 60 schools.


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