Matrix, launches programmes in Artificial Intelligence

The new leader in ICT education in Sri Lanka, Matirx Institute of Information Technology (Pvt) Ltd. who currently offers several local and foreign Certificates, Diplomas, Advanced Diploma's and even Degree level qualifications in the field of Information Communication Technology and management, though with a comparatively small history of three years the company has reached enormous growth in the education sector and further intend to expand in numerous forms. The organization is headed by Viraj Pinto Jayawardena who is the chairman and managing director of the organization. For the first time in the institution, MATRIX launched a comprehensive set of programs in robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) on the 14th of Feb. 2009. The Robotics and AI division is headed by an expert in the field of AI, who currently has his masters in computer science and AI and further intending to proceed to his doctorate in the same discipline. 'The field of robotics and AI is untouched in many curriculums and we dedicated to give our students and avenue to proceed with the new era in robotics and AI.' Stated the Chairman Viraj Pinto jayawardena. The programs in Robotics are mainly classified into several levels namely, Kids, Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma.

When questioned on what future benefits the students will gain as a result of the above programs in robotics and AI, the chairman stated that 'we are productively working on obtaining a affiliation from a leading foreign university which will enable the students who successfully complete the advanced diploma in Robotics and AI to continue with their final year of the B.Sc in computer science and Artificial Intelligence.' Stressing on the programs offered at MATRIX, the chairman stated that the British Computer Society (BCS) Professional Examinations offered by BCS – UK is one of the most recognized professional qualifications which is equivalent to a degree in Information Technology where MATRIX is one of the most popular registered course providers in Sri Lanka, offers the students all three levels of the program including extensive support to complete their final year project, 'I strongly believe that quality is the only tool in the field of education, and we do have an outstanding lecture panel who are one of the most experienced for BCS in Sri Lanka,' stated the Managing Director, where he himself is one of the few lecturers in Sri Lanka who has educated the largest number of students for BCS and may be the only lecturer who has taught the highest number of subjects for BCS in the country. The team at MATRIX is further strengthened by an outstanding panel of full time faculty members and several visiting faculty members who's combinative experience would be immense.