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Eco-friendly automobile solutions seminar

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The formerly known Delhi College of Engineering and now known as the Delhi Technological University (DTU) organised a seminar on 'Modeling Techniques in Engine Calibration for Euro-IV and beyond?' to disseminate in-depth information on Engine Management System and Development of calibration process to meet strict emission legislation process and thus developing automobiles which are more eco-friendly in nature. The seminar was held January 8-9, 2010 at DTU campus in association with Harit Energy Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

The two-day seminar aimed to come-up with a broad outline of process of engine calibration and mapping; a guide to re-structure the conventional engine development process in-line with cal development; an overview of calibration and control software packages; information on type of knowledge and expertise required for explicit develop calibration; legislated emission standards and knowledge of Engine Control Unit; concept of control system features such as fueling, turbo charge waste gate or electronic throttle; and current challenges in Engine Development – Calibration and Mapping exercise.


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