Imagine if you could record interesting programmes or cartoons for showing students in the classroom the next day, that too using an economical portable device! DMP2009 from Derek Technologies Solutions Pvt Ltd promises just that. By just being connected to a Set Top box and the TV, it records programmes, that too over 120 hours.

DMP2009 is a portable HDD media player built in with personal video recorder. As small as a DVD case, it has a built in SATA Hard disk capacity of 320 GB. DMP2009

The device is useful even for recording EDUSAT programmes or any satellite based programmes in colleges for later telecast. Moreover, it is an economical solution as it replaces the PC, TV, tuner card and the manpower needed to record programmes. It also eliminates consumables like DVD's for saving the content.

DEREK  Technology Solutions providing technology solutions to educational institutions and helps teachers make a paradigm shift to enriched teaching and learning. DEREK range of solutions include:

  • Interactive Whiteboards and devices
  • Audio-visual equipments
  • Classroom Management Software
  • Multimedia content for classes
  • Campus storage and campus networks
  • ERP and Learning Management

DICE (Digital Interactive Classroom Experience) is another offering from DEREK, which enables teachers to have highly interactive and visually enriching classroom sessions with students. It helps in developing technology infrastructure for creation and delivery of content.

DMP2009 has NAS functions which enable you to manage and exchange files between the media player and PC through network. The media player can identify all the media files on the network and can run those files on to the TV. You could run movies or programmes on TV anywhere in the canteen or hostel, provided the programmes are available on the server or any PC in the network. It has both Ethernet connectivity as well as WiFi for network access.

It is a true personal device as one could copy movies, music, and photos from PC to DMP2009 and enjoy the multimedia content with the family on TV. One can even use this device to watch movies while on the move. DMP2009 is available at INR 12,000 + taxes  with one year warranty.

A truly four-in-one product, it functions like a DVD player, TV recorder, external HDD and a NAS device. It boasts of  true multi-format media decoding and encoding, supports decoding many media formats including video (RM/RMVB, H.264, MPEG-2/4, DivX, Xvid, FLV,WMV,Avi), Music(MP3, WMA) and photo(JPG,GIF,BMP). It also supports video clips from You Tube (FLV Video).

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