HP grants for Anna University

HP has awarded a Technology for Teaching grant worth $70,000 to Anna University, Chennei, India, to transform the way subjects are taught in the campus.

The grant worth $70,000 will include HP Tablet PCs, external storage and optical drives, wireless networking cards and printers, as well as a stipend for staff to work on the projects. HP will help Anna University to establish a mobile learning (m-learning) centre where students taking computer science and IT courses can access content using hand-held computers. The centre will maintain a portal and a digital library, and assist with content management and development using an m-learning authoring tool. Students will also be able to tap a server-based open source wireless laboratory, built on existing low-end computers and wireless technology. The grant aims at transforming teaching through the use of mobile computing and wireless technologies to create the classroom of tomorrow, today, on its campus. This sits well with HPs aim to help universities drive innovation and create new models of success for integrating technology into learning. Dr D. Vishwanathan, vice chancellor, Anna University, said that they are very pleased that a leading technology company like HP has selected them for this prestigious grant.