Preparing students for 21st Century

“The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn”
– Alvin Toffler

This is when it becomes important for us to develop responsible global citizens and leaders by providing a world-class international education by nurturing, developing and guiding our current and future manpower. Here, The Indian Heights School, Dwarka  is trying to change the face of education in this fast moving interconnected world by making the children familiar with a range of learning styles, including their own, with appropriate use of learning resources including technology.

Brainchild of well known publishers Arya Book Depot, and founded by Bhagwati Devi Foundation, The Indian Heights is distinguished by its attitude and values towards learning, and its commitment towards providing quality education. The Indian Heights School has leveraged the best of both traditional and contemporary schools of education, aspiring to be the best progressive school in India.

The school focuses on excellence in academics and on nurturing pupils to develop their full potential so that they May face future challenges with confidence and enthusiasm. The Indian Heights School is unique in its weave of inventive thinking, multiple intelligences and differentiated learning. Simmi Kher, Director, The Indian Heights School, says, “We recognise the need to prepare the children for the challenges of the world, and we are committed to nurture creativity in each child of our school. The curriculum is based on the education system that stimulates children to use their multiple faculties through broad-based activities programme.”

The Indian Heights incorporates the best practices of our heritage by combining globalisation and intimacy for education, social inclusiveness and a sustainable future for humanity, collaboration as a vehicle for change, technology as a lever of transformation and having an open system which would foster innovation through its unique features.

Every  classroom is connected to the Wi-Fi network, therefore making the campus student-friendly, with universal access to Internet and other technological support, students become aware from the outset that learning can and should be ‘Anywhere-Anytime’


The curriculum ensures that the children are exposed to the rich heritage of Indian history, folklore, literature, art, and culture. The classical languages and Yoga are therefore an integral part of the curriculum. Above all, it is the constant endeavour of the staff to sensitise the students not only to the traditional Indian values but also universal values that epitomise our Indian culture.


The advent of the new technological era has redefined the very parameters of the educational process. While recognising this basic fact The Indian Heights School has kept the teacher as the pinnacle of the learning process-but with a difference. The teacher is no longer the ‘provider’ of all knowledge. He or she is a ‘facilitator’, who uses the new technology to motivate the students to explore for themselves the world of knowledge.

Technology is extensively used as a learning tool. Every  classroom is connected to the Wi-Fi network, therefore making the campus student-friendly, with universal access to Internet and other technological support, students become aware from the outset that learning can and should be ‘Anywhere-Anytime’.

Laboratories are fully equipped with learning aids for the assigned subjects in addition to video screens, LCD projectors, interactive white boards and networked computer terminals. Teachers use their computers to draw in the appropriate levels of new research in lesson plans. A rich digital library, in addition to the conventional library, provides comprehensive resource material to the teacher and student to prepare their lessons.

e-Learning has become part of education and is improving the quality of learning through using interactive computers, online communications, and information systems.Video conferencing is another such powerful tool. The class one students of the school have been video conferencing with their counterparts in Lenah Valley School, Australia.


The school recognises the fact that teach child must feel that soul-lifting joy that comes with the recognition ‘I did my best!’ This search for excellence is conducted in a very positive environment where every child revels in the scaling of greater heights.

Learning by doing

Understanding of cultures, developing creative ways of looking at problems and guided tours to places of everyday interest arouses the child’s innate curiosity to learn and discover. This way child gets to apply knowledge which not only cements understanding but also makes him/her confident, life long learner and hands on person.


It is the firm belief of the school that its students can grow only if the ambience, in which they live and work, is  shaped by a genuine collaboration amongst all stakeholders; students, teachers, parents, management, and the local community. The school has adopted a slum school ‘Anugrah’ in Bhartpur so students not only empathise with the needs of the lesser privileged, but also to ‘give back’ to the community in which they live.

Multiple Intelligences

The children learn in myriad ways and demonstrate intelligences beyond mere language and mathematical abilities. The school encourages the exploration, demonstration and excellence of these intelligences. The curriculum provides opportunities for children to learn, and demonstrate their learning in multiple ways.

International Understanding

School to School exchange programmes all over the world and educational tours are orgainsed to various parts of the world with an aim of sensitising students to different cultures. Children from overseas study here and many international festivals, camps and activities are organised incorporating a global dimension into the curriculum.

The Director

Simmi Kher,the Director is  an educator par excellence both towards pedagogy as well as establishing sound school management systems. She has teaching and administrative experience and joined the school from Springdales School, Pusa Road where she worked as coordinator Computer Resource Center. She combines her instruction, administrative and consulting experience with a deep understanding of meaningful know-how in education and pedagogy. She brings with her rich experience of Indian and Global education systems. She is a recipient of the several prestigious awards both at International and National levels, Vidyahree Award for excellence in Education,  Digital Learning Power School Award, Mondialogo School Award, Environmental  Award,  to name a few.

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