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Technology is changing the way faculty teach and students learn. As technological advances are introduced into the academy, campuses are more and more attracted by the promise and potential of technology for enhancing access and learning. Faculty, staff, and administrators need to understand what technology can and what it cannot do. Technology must be seen as a critical complement to the educational experience, opening more opportunities for the students. The advances in technology has led to Globalisation and increased the power of Knowledge. Students must be aware of the knowledge that is being transmitted to their counterparts in other parts of the world. Hence, the teaching standards have to be as good as anywhere else in the world. Knowledge is important for increasing innovation, competitiveness and entrepreneurship. For this, the use of latest technology in our schools and colleges has become mandatory.

Vivitek offers D8 series of projectors which can enhance the learning experience of students in any classroom. The vivid color wheel technology provides outstanding vivid color suit for all applications. The rapid start and cool down functions assist in saving time and energy. The series also come with upto 3000 hours of lamp life time for extended use.  

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The world is quickly learning the benefits of adding multimedia capabilities to educational environments. Classroom projectors include component video inputs that allow to network the projector to DVD players, VCRs, and more. By using digital video projectors and multimedia projectors, one can view streaming videos from the Internet, play audio files, and teach in the classroom. This technology offered by Vivitek is the latest in the field of multimedia projection.

Classroom multimedia projectors provide many significant benefits to students such as improving student attention and retention of information, improving presentation quality and ease of presenting the information. Multimedia projectors allow teachers to provide diverse content to all students in the classroom at once, allowing students to have a visual and colourful learning experience during a given lesson.

Vivitek brings a technology solution like Videowall, which helps to present multiple types of information simultaneoulsy, so that cross references can be easily made without the need to scroll or change pages or screens

The projectors are perfect for this generation's visually oriented youth, because they help make abstract concepts easier to understand. Not only do projectors better keep the attention of students, it also provides an easy study guide for absentees. It enables students to take a more active part in the lesson, and teachers to take account of different learning styles, such as the kinaesthetic and the visual.  

For higher education, Vivitek plans to work with the responsible oranisations within the government and also private institutions to expose the benefits, which can be derived out of employing new techniques. The educational institutions have suffered from lack of technology, largely due to expensive equipments, which are ill afforded by these institutions of higher learnings. But now Vivitek brings technology, which makes these aids affordable to them. Some of these solutions are Videowalls which help to present multiple types of information simultaneoulsy, so that cross references can be easily made without the need to scroll or change pages or screens. Similarly, other new technologies are also being introduced by Vivitek in India.

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