Children’s education at at state-run shelters

Children from 9 shelters run in Delhi will earn certificate from National Institute of Open School (NIOS), making them eligible to seek admission in regular schools once they come out of it. Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) has set target of 100pc literacy but children lodged in government homes, especially those which are in variance with the law have not benefited from SSA. Many children are either impoverished or are runaways but there are also some children that are in variance with the law. There are even few shelters were all the categories stay together. After a recent decision taken by the Delhi government, children living in these shelters will be grouped together and will work towards getting class III, V and VIII certificates. This will help the kids in getting admission in regular schools.

Not merely children but even women in government shelters will gain from such educational programmes. Every shelter will have three designated teachers and two vocational courses of one month will also be offered. Till date, merely young children from Lajpat Nagar shelter have been attending school. But there are other children in Bal Sadan, Timarpur, who have not been provided with the education due to the stigma attached to their parents for being leprosy patients.