IT degrees to Africans by Amity University in India

Amity, one of India's top universities, is to offer online IT degrees and diplomas to 100,000 students on the African continent over the next five years. At 53 learning centers in the 53 African Union (AU) countries under the Pan-African E-network project, 100,000 IT students will be trained. The Pan-African e-Network project is a joint initiative of the government of India and the AU and is funded by India at an estimated cost of US$116 million. The project has three components including tele-education, tele-medicine and diplomatic communications; has been coordinated by the ministries of ICT wherever it has been adopted. In Uganda, the tele-education component is hosted at Makerere University's Faculty of Computing and Information Technology.

The faculty, a partner institution with Amity University, has invited applications for interested students. The courses that are on offer include a Bachelor of IT, a post-graduate diploma in IT and a diploma in IT. Amity University will provide virtual educational services through e-learning technology and video-conferencing facilities set up at Makerere University. Makerere University, in turn, will be providing support to universities in eastern Africa. Eligible students enrolled in various programs will be required to attend classes in the learning centers set up in each member country as part of the project. Learning centers would offer pre-defined lecture schedules available at a tele-education portal. Live and interactive lectures will be delivered by experienced faculty staff from the tele-education studio set up in India. A unique feature of the tele-education system in the project is the offline access to the lecture content.