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Digital Innovations: The Next Way to Teach

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New-age classrooms

The last decade and a half saw a change silently sweep through Indian classrooms New-age classrooms
in form of digitisation. Indian schools have come a long way from the first hesitant ‘computer classes’ of the ‘90s to the current scenario where students, teachers and administrators, all recognize the powerful impact of modern technology on the educational process.
Why digitise?
There are two reasons behind the enthusiasm for digital classrooms: Computers and technology are now an intrinsic part of our lives. Digital classrooms provide this much needed exposure in the formative ears.Digital classrooms take away the limitations of the traditional
classroom by allowing teachers to display and demonstrate lessons in a manner that until now seemed impossible. This need for change has also been accepted by the Mi istry of Education
even as it recognises many new boards and curriculums. This encouragement has given schools the confidence to digitize their teaching, taking Indian Education to a world-class level. Such digital classrooms capture the students’ imaginations in a way that chalkboards
and textbooks never did, and encourage them to actively participate in the learning process rather than be spoon-fed.
What is an appropriate age for digitisation?
Children these days are comfortable with computers from a very young age. Also, the new e-learning technology gives the flexibility to use age appropriate content to give each child an effective learning experience. In fact, our studies show that children tend to learn faster
and retain better from digital aids than from conventional textbook learning.
Educator’s dilemma
Schools are increasingly shifting to a digital platform, considering the benefits of such a solution. However, many schools still remain worried about the actual need of such a solution and difficulty of usage, while many are alienated by the prohibitive costs of most digital learning packages.
Supplement. Not Substitute.
Helix Technology Solutions believesthat e-learning should supplement the existing system rather than replace it. Nothing can replace, for instance, the careful, patient and subjective responses of a teacher – but shecan optimize her own performance immeasurably with the help of an affordable and intuitive programme such as TeachNext.
Teacher’s friend

TeachNext is a digital solution that has been specifically crafted to meet the needs of the Indian classroom. It makes allowance for the needs of the teacher without compromising on the requirements of the students. Teachers will not need to prepare the content before every class because each chapter and topic has already been divided into a lecture-ready format, preloaded with a comprehensive set of questions, relevant experiments, activities and revision tests at the end of every lesson. This allows the teacher to allot her time to her students ather than spending it on lengthy lesson preparations. TeachNext comes in the form of a simple operating unit that can be directly plugged into any audio-visual device such as a projector or TV monitor to instantly create a  digital classroom. There are no additional assistants or expensive central server rooms needed.
Administrator’s ally
TeachNext is currently the market leader in single classroom digitization of classrooms. It is extremely friendly on the pocket and allows you the freedom to digitize a single classroom as well as the entire school. TeachNext is also a convenient & cutting edge product in its field.
Far-reaching benefits TeachNext is a result of the unified vision and  ollective efforts of over 400 academicians, hardware experts and technology professionals who  ave researched exhaustively to produce a cost-effective and user-friendly solution designed exclusively for Indian schools. It effectively optimizes the time that both spend in the  lassroom. For schools and teachers looking to expand their horizons, the solution is at their  oorstep – TeachNext.


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