Srei Sahaj

Left to right: M Damodaran, Shankar Aggarwal, S R Rao, Prof. V N Rajasekharan Pillai, Arvind Mayaram

Srei Sahaj e-Village Limited, a subsidiary of Srei Infrastructire Finanace Limited, under the umbrella of its unique partnership with the Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), the largest Open University offering distance learning programmes, launched a new learning methodology called ‘Education That WorksLearning System’ (ETWLS). This is a unique learning system for which a Global Patent has been fi led.In this methodology, actual skill assessment will be done in an online mode. After a student has studied a topic, the environment for practice opens and the student actually practices what he is supposed to have learnt. e can move to the next level only if he implements his learning correctly. A total of fi ve programmes will be currently availbale as a part of ETWLS; a diploma in Advanced Computing and a certifi cate programme in Java, SQL, Flash and HTML, respectively. The initiative is aimed at making up for the lack of rated educational insitutes in the rural India and help students in the villages get quality skill upgradationwithout problem of relocation. The programmes are also supported by, Srei Sahaj’s job portal dedicated solely to the rural population. All the learners who register on theportal will be guarateed at least one job offer. It is projected that in the next 12 months, about 80,000 youth will be trained on these courses and over a period of time, more certifi cate courses, diploma and degree courses will be launched. Commenting on the launch, ChiefGuest Thiru A. Raja, Union Minister for Communication and Information Technology said, “I laud the initiative taken by Srei Sahaj and IGNOU for introducing the rural population to the innovative skill development programmes thereby creating opportunities for the rural youthto become more skilled and technically trained, which would further increase their scope of employability. The plan would greatly benefi t and augment the growth and development of the socioeconomic landscape of rural India.” Sharing his views on the new mode of delivery of its services to ruralIndia, Dr. Sabahat Azim, CEO, Srei-Sahaj said, “Currently, one of the biggest bottlenecks in India’s growth story is the lack of skilled manpower. In rural India, the biggest stumbling block is the lack of livelihood opportunities and skill development programmes availbale to the rural population. Therefore, the latest offering from the Srei Sahaj and IGNOU partnership is set to go beyond all commercial considerations and achieve the avowed objective of  empowering rural India through the innovative course on offer.”