Education Budgets stretch in Emerging Markets: Micorsoft, HP

Made to increase student access to computers and help equip them with the computer literacy skills they will need to be competitive after they graduate, Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard are supporting the K-12 sector in emerging markets to stretch their computers budgets with a new system. In line with the same, Microsoft’s recently released Windows MultiPoint Server 2010, the HP MultiSeat Computing Solution designed for schools in emerging markets that don’t have the money to buy a PC for every student.

The MultiSeat Computing Solution is comprised of a single PC that is connected with up to 10 clients over a USB 2.0 connection. Each client is equipped with connections for a monitor, keyboard and mouse, but doesn’t have its own processor.

All of the processing is handled by the PC, which acts as a server, with each client accessing a separate instance of Windows 7 that can be centrally administered. The schools through this design are enabled to give the schools give twice as many students access to computers than would be possible by spending the same amount of money on standalone Pcs, it was mentioned.