Education Ministry of Palestine and Microsoft to enhance ICT in Public Schools and educational institutions

An announcement was made by the Ministry of Education (MoE) of Palestine and Microsoft Corporation recently, about a partnership with aim to deploy Microsoft's free Live@Edu services across all K-12 public schools and educational institutions in Palestine. This initiative is an effort being taken by both the parties to support and enhance the education system in Palestine through the increased adoption and use of technology in schools. By adopting Live@Edu at public schools and educational institutions, every student will have access to a variety of free services including email, online applications and storage, and the latest communications tools that include a customized live domain name in addition to Microsoft Live IDs for each individual user.

Every student is to be provided with a 10-gigabyte Microsoft Office Outlook Live inbox and 25 gigabytes of Windows Live SkyDrive online storage. Students will also be able to use other Live@Edu applications to collaborate on school projects in real-time virtual meetings over the Internet, and to access class materials, whether they are in or outside of school. Live@Edu is also to help other stakeholders working within education institutions, and enables students and alumni to collaborate and create online communities that last long after graduation and throughout their lifetime.