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Genee World is headquartered in Wolver-Hampton, West Midlands, England and has a presence in seven countries worldwide; Genee World, currently in India is known as Genee Solutions India, earlier located at Gurgaon(Haryana) but now shifted at Delhi.

Are all boards the same? You definitely will not think so after using the Genee PowerBoard!

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The first thing to notice is the construction. It has a solid, durable surface meaning that there are no vulnerable membrane surfaces to damage at great expense. Normally, this would mean 'electronic' pens to activate the whiteboard interface, but not with the Genee PowerBoard. The clever thing is the surrounding curtain of infra-red beams that detect any movement within the board area. This could simply be your finger or the extendable 'wand' that not only adds a flourish to your presentation but also means that you can be further away from the direct line of the projector beam.

The second thing to notice are the 'softkey' icons on either side of the board. The Genee Power Board's soft keys can be configured to hyperlink to a range of presentation tools, files or resources along with floating toolbar which can be moved and positioned to sit anywhere on the screen and can display either horizontally or vertically. 

The next clever thing is that the software can be set for different levels which determines the number and complexity of the tools available on the tool bar. This might be linked to individual users because of their preferences or developing capabilities, or to different presentation activities and their particular requirements. These can, of course, be conveniently saved for future use.

The floating toolbar has all the usual features such as being able to set pen widths and colours, transparency settings etc. along with some special applications that enhance the use of the Genee PowerBoard:-

The intelligent pen, for instance, allows the user to draw a regular shape freehand and then convert it automatically into a formal shape. As soon as the shape is completed it is automatically recognised and converted into a regular shape.

The laser pen allows the user to draw a line to highlight or indicate text or an object on the whiteboard. The line drawn will flash until a different tool is selected from the toolbar which prompts the line to then disappear.

However, the most stunning and useful feature is the 'Rover'. The rover facility allows the user to scroll the page in any direction as if panning over a large sheet of paper. Use either the rover tool from the toolbar or make at least two points of contact on the board to be able to move the slide around.

Unfortunately, there are many examples where interactive white boards (IWB's) are just being used as 'expensive flip charts' with electronic ink. Their effective use depends on high quality training and a good supply of  appropriate resources. Genee Solutions not only carry out professional installations but also provide comprehensive training, technical support and a vast range of curriculum content such as the highly rated 'Maths on Board', and even include a set of 12000 images and animations.

Genee Solutions also provide the complete answer for the 21st Century classroom where 'interoperability' is the key. Seamlessly integrating Genee Visualisers, ClassComm Response Systems and GeneeSlate mobile presenters has had a proven impact on students' learning and progress in both Primary and Secondary education through their total engagement and involvement in lessons. Teachers and students are instantly provided with feedback, and assessment is an integral part of the process giving teachers more time to teach.

The GeneePowerBoard comes in a range of sizes, up to a class beating 105″, with a full 5year guarantee. 

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