Opportunities and Impact

Pankaj Kayathwal
Business Vertical Manager, LG Electronics India

There is a paradigm shift in using the tools for purpose of education today. Educational Institutes are trying to develop a system of more and more scientific gadgets to create much effective teaching-learning process. This also cut down the cost in the process. Because good faculty cause a high expenditure and replacing manpower with effective technology results in good quality of teaching with lesser cost. There is an obvious major boom to see in the education sector in India in terms of using technology in comparison to the global scenario. As the world is moving towards technology driven education system, India is also not far behind and capturing the pace very fast. There is also a good competition growing in between the private and government/state run institutes in India in terms of the quality of education, using technology and resulting a huge potential of quality development of mankind.

Mohammed Ghouse
Manager, (Analyst & Media), Scientech Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

IWB's are the most important tools of learning. They have changed the way we teach & train because education has become Edutainment providing a greater learning experience to both, the Teacher and the student. We provide Interactive Classroom Solutions consisting of Clasus, Legamaster and Luidia's Interactive White Boards or eBeam Interactive Devices, Quizdom Voting Pads, Document Camera, Wireless Tablet, Projector etc. In comparison to international market, Indian market is slow paced but a potential market. There are still a million classrooms left to be made Interactive. The penetration of equipments is much higher in private schools than Government schools. Government should promote them more widely through a policy. Otherwise the growth will be slower. We are sure India will be emerge as the fastest emerging market for quality education in the next few years.

Harish A. K.
Senior Business Manager, Visual Instruments, Epson India Pvt. Ltd.

Considering the world wide market scenario the only segment where there is consistent growth is Education across the globe. The teaching methods are drastically changing from the conventional black board to computer based teaching with interactive content. Interactive classroom teaching (ICT) is the current trend in education with graphical representation where students gain much more practical knowledge in reality world. In this the teacher is using the computer, IWB & projector for the teaching. This kind of teaching is motivating students to be involved in every aspect and teachers are in receipt of good results from maximum students. The growth in India is almost 15% – 20% every year on the education segment and lot of funds being allocated to education from the government very year. Epson has range from 35K to 70K for the standard class room projector.

Jaemes Shanley
Director of Sales-Asia Pacific-Latin America-New Mexico, mimio

There is probably no other nation like India, which has seen the transformative impact of a well educated and technologically literate workforce on the national economy. India already has some of the worlds most highly innovative providers of ICT to education bringing comprehensive interactive classroom solutions which integrate equipment, content, training and support to schools. The rapid growth in adoption of ICT and IWB's in the private schools sector will migrate to the public or government schools sector in the coming years and when it does, will be of unprecedented scale. At this moment, mimio provides a range of portable and highly affordable solutions for creating Interactive Whiteboards in classrooms. The cost of these systems can start at prices as low as Rs 32,000.

Suresh Kumar Garg
CEO, Dispro Visuals

India is no doubt an emerging market in the segment of IWB and audio-visual equipments in the education sector. But lot needs to be taken care of, though. There is a dearth of proper knowledge of the usage of the equipments. Continuous feedback required from teachers as well as parents. There need to be awareness about the products and the usage of it. The premium and good schools always include these equipments in their infrastructure. But there is still a dearth of general consciousness in the subject. Dispro Visual Technologies Ltd., with over a dozen firsts to his credit.,having 30 years of practical experience in projection displays. Dispro Visual has an exclusive range of Interactive products like Dispro E-Board, Intensaa H18 Interact, High Quality Rear Projection Systems, Dispro Touch LCD TV, Inwall Interact, Holo Magic Screen, 3D Plasma and LCD, Interleaved 3D LCD Panel and Dispro 3DTV 100 System.

Colin Messenger
Senior Consultant, Futuresource Consulting Ltd. UK

In the Indian education sector, the estimated installed base of IWBs is 9,000 and projectors 112,000. These numbers are forecast to increase to 111,000 and 276,000 by 2011.The Indian Government already realises that there is a real need for quality education in order to match international standards and allow them to compete and not get left behind. With 4.9 million classrooms the Indian market clearly provides a significant market opportunity for suppliers of ICT equipment.  However, the market is extremely fragmented with a vast  disparity in the education system throughout the country. Driven by continued technological developments, our projections show that one in six classrooms will have an Interactive Whiteboard by 2012. In the 66 countries covered within the Futuresource report, there are over 31 million classrooms, a huge market potential for companies operating within this sector.

Peter Ormerod
Vice President,
 Promethean Ltd.

Interactive Whiteboards are becoming an increasingly common classroom resource and already schools and colleges are seeing the benefits that this technology has in transforming teaching and learning across the curriculum. Teachers are using the technology to develop their range of pedagogical strategies and are beginning to exploit the technology to act as a catalyst in enhancing teaching and learning. IWBs are taking education to the next level, by actively engaging the students and make them understand the things rather than just remembering the facts. The impact is tremendous as there is a saying that rather than explaining in thousand words, show a picture. Promethean was the first to launch integrated voting products, the first with integrated board and short throw projector and the first interactive whiteboards with multi-input capability, Promethean leads from the front.

Ranjit Yadav
Director Mobile & IT,
Samsung Electronics

IWBs demonstrate clear effectiveness in improving student participation, concentration and learning efficiency. Globally IWBs are showing a healthy acceptance in schools. In the US, the IWB Market is set to grow from 375K units in 2009 to about 637K units in 2010. At Samsung, we have focused on creating IWBs that are not only sleek in design but also have a brilliant technical edge. Our innovative Touch screen 650 E IWB has a wide viewing angle and supports multimedia display ranging from photo, flash and video. We feel that the IWB has a good potential in India with the focus in education gearing towards drawing greater interactiveness and participation from students. The market in India for IWBs is just about getting created. As the classroom environment progresses towards an engrossing interactive session with av aids, IWBs would serve the purpose of integrating digital content and enrich the learning experience.