Interactive Learning for Reaching the Masses : Saurabh Saxena, Mexus Education, India

To begin with, can you expand on Axiom’s philosophy and vision?

Axiom Education, a global education venture by the Bilakhia group seeks to transform education into being fun-filled, innovative and student friendly. The vision is to expand the horizons of learning by introducing innovative methods and sources that are not confined to classroom education. By unifying education and entertainment, Axiom is set to deliver highest quality of educational content through platforms which make anytime, anywhere learning a reality.  

Kindly expand upon contribution of ICT in field education.

The use of technology as a medium for imparting education has not been a norm in our education system till date.  Axiom seeks to promote learning in the most innovative and enjoyable manner.

  Axiom has been constantly evolving interactive learning instruments. The lessons are imparted through graphic novels, toys games, puzzles, mind-maps, motion films and interactive online tools.  All this is delivered through various technology based platforms that allow for step by step assessment and feedback for continuous improvement.

With the belief that, “Every kid and all humans love to learn when not forced” Axiom has introduced its new age formula