IT Awards Business Systems Transformation Project to HCL

An announcement was made recently, by Melbourne regarding signing of a deal with HCL Technologies Ltd. (HCL), a leading global IT services provider, to support its Integrated Web Services (IWS) business transformation project. Supporting IWS, HCL is one of the partners of Melbourne IT. IWS, is a three year, US$18 million IT integration project which will allow Melbourne IT to fully leverage the value of the company's customer base by enabling the business to sell customers the full suite of services across business units and geographies.

Melbourne IT is to be provided by the project, improved revenue realisation through stronger billing processes and deliver productivity, efficiency and cost savings benefits by enforcing process consistency and reducing the number of systems requiring IT support. As part of the IWS project, Melbourne IT and HCL Technologies will also work closely with Oracle to implement a unified financial management system to improve billing processes across the company. The IWS project is now underway and is expected to be completed in 2012.