ETS Announces the Winners of the 2010 TOEFL Scholarship Program in India

Educational Testing Service (ETS) Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Walt MacDonald announced the winners of the 2010 TOEFL Scholarship Program in India at a press conference today. Established in August 2009, the scholarship program recognizes academic excellence by TOEFL test takers throughout India. ETS, the creator of the TOEFL test, honored seven high-performing Indian students, awarding US$50,000 for postgraduate study in 2010-2011. Three US$10,000 and four US$5,000 academic scholarships were awarded to students who were accepted at a college or university in the U.K., U.S. and Canada. The scholarship winners were from diverse regions of the country including Chennai, Mumbai, New Delhi, and Solapur. Of the seven TOEFL scholarship winners, three will be attending universities in the U.K., three will be studying in the U.S., and one will be pursuing academic study in Canada.

'It is a great honor to personally award and celebrate the outstanding achievements of the seven scholarship winners,' commented MacDonald. 'The TOEFL Scholarship Program in India stems from ETS's mission to promote equity and excellence in education. We hope that the scholarship program inspires other students in India to strive for academic excellence and pursue their educational goals.' Over 300 competitive applications were received for the 2010 TOEFL Scholarship program. The scholarship winners demonstrated an outstanding ability to communicate in English, effective leadership skills, and well-rounded balancing of strong academics and extra-curricular activities, such as community service. The ETS Scholarship and Recognition Programs (SRP) group, which annually administers millions of dollars in new and renewable awards in the United States and abroad, was involved in the coordination of the TOEFL Scholarship Program in India.