Wipro, Cisco and Lavasa partner to create First Sustainable, Intelligent and Connected City in India

An agreement was recently signed between Lavasa Corp. Ltd, Cisco and Wipro to participate in MyCity Technologies Ltd, India's first complete e-city. In order to create a next-generation intelligent sustainable community, the collaboration was sought. This was based on a shared vision of sustainable urbanization, the Cisco(R) Smart+Connected Communities initiative, and Wipro's ICT solutions and services.

As part of the deal Cisco will partner with Wipro for the supply of ICT products and architecture and will propose the technology vision, products, services and solutions based on its Smart+Connected Communities initiative and service-delivery platform to help make Lavasa City a smart and sustainable city of the future. Wipro is to provide its support through its expertise in areas like city management services, e-governance, ICT infrastructure and value-added services, including proposing and implementing intelligent solutions for the home and digital lifestyles. Wipro will also design the detailed infrastructure for telecom services for governance, as well as solutions for the residents of Lavasa City and their visitors. The companies are to, additionally, developa broad ecosystem of strategic design, development and technology partners to foster network-enabled city-scale innovation.