600 schools in Bihar to get computer access through Ncomputing

In an announcement made by NComputing it was mentioned that it was selected to provide desktop computer access to 600 government schools as part a computer literacy initiative launched by the Bihar government. The aim of this initiative is to build 600 computer labs throughout the State to make computer access and learning available to school children for the first time.

A 12 seat computer lab is to installed at each of these 600 government schools, made possible by attaching 10 NComputing X550 desktop access devices to 2 desktop PCs. NComputing's desktop virtualization software and hardware solution provides affordable initial and ongoing desktop computing access. In addition to low initial cost of purchase, NComputing solutions require 75% less maintenance and 90% less energy consumption than traditional all-PC labs. NComputing devices only use 1 watt of electricity compared to 120 watts for a PC. This is a crucial advantage as Bihar often faces shortages in electricity supply.