DCPCR says neighborhood should be the only criteria for nursery admission

The Delhi Commission for Protection of Child Rights (DCPCR) mentions that in a decision regarding implementation of the Right To Education (RTE) Act, it was raised that the only criteria that should be considered for nursery admissions for children is the proximity of the school to the home. According to the Section 13(I) of the RTE Act, schools cannot subject children to any kind of screening for admissions.

Most schools had implemented a points system wherein points were given to potential students to be granted admission on the basis of siblings, being a girl child, whether being brought up by a single parent, whether the parent is an alumni, etc. It was ruled by the DCPCR that the points system being implemented by most schools amounts to screening of the child for granting admission. Some principals retaliated by saying that the process of allotting points on the basis of certain criteria by the schools did not amount toscreening.