Australia,1000 Victorian Schools to receive enriched experience with Cisco support

Cisco(R) wired and wireless networking are to be standardised by the Department of Early Education and Child Development (DEECD), as the foundation for 21st-century teaching and learning in up to 1,000 primary and secondary schools across Victoria. This education-grade network will support future demand from one-to-one computing, mobility for flexible learning spaces, high-definition video, digital content and the Ultranet.

DEECD's innovative use of Cisco networking technology in schools will help create media-rich and highly engaging online curricula centered around video and collaboration, automate administrative processes, safeguard important school resources, and enhance the learning process in countless other ways. With the additional mobility provided by Cisco wireless solutions, education can now take place in the classroom, the playground or anywhere else and on any device. By erasing the physical boundaries of the classroom, teachers also gain the flexibility to teach in new ways and from anywhere that wired or wireless connections exist in order to prepare students for success in a global, Internet-based economy.