CompTIA to strengthen its India operations

CompTIA, the US based non-profit trade association for the IT industry, will expand its services in India and further enhance its association with the enterprise by offering a host of services, such as business intelligence, IT certifications, research studies, and advocating for smart technology, for Indian IT companies and IT professionals. CompTIA's efforts to shape the future of the IT industry is intended to make a significant impact in improving business opportunities for companies and employment opportunities for individuals in India and around the world. CompTIA will play an instrumental role in promoting innovative IT business solutions for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBS) and in the fields of healthcare, green IT, cyber-security and managed IT services. The trade association offers a range of IT certification programmes enabling professionals to gain or enhance their skill-sets.

CompTIA has nearly 2,000 members in more than 90 countries across the globe. CompTIA facilitates dialogues and creates programs that cater to the needs of the global IT industry thereby helping technology solution providers, distributors and vendors to grow their businesses. Todd Thibodeaux, President and CEO, CompTIA said, 'The burgeoning Indian IT market had already made its presence felt in the global market. The transfer of technology is instant; therefore corporates need a strategic business partner to help them leverage key business opportunities, enhance the skills of their employees, and to achieve sustainability. CompTIA has an in-depth understanding of the industry, and the right mix of experts and services to provide excellent support to the Indian IT companies. We are committed to growing our Indian operations to the next level of excellence and partnering with Indian corporates.'

Recently, the CompTIA International IT Industry Business Confidence Survey indicated that Chinese and Indian IT companies' business confidence trends are well above the global average signifying the robust growth of the IT sector in the Asia-Pacific region. The Business Confidence Index is just one of more than 80 research studies CompTIA conducts annually. These studies consist of various forecasts, trends and research based innovative business models. CompTIA is the world's largest provider of vendor-neutral IT certifications for the global IT workforce. Vendor-neutral certifications are important because they establish a strong skills foundation relevant across multiple networks, operating systems and product lines. This equips IT professionals with greater versatility and a broader skill set. Vendor-neutral certifications from CompTIA are globally recognized in both the private and public sectors, helping companies save on employee recruitment and training costs.