Education Advertisements to be regulated by guidelines

Education sector topped the charts in print advertising this year. It will be required to follow certain advertising guidelines from October 2010.The Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) will shortly release the guidelines approved by the ASCI board. Some of the institutes that advertise regularly over the said period include Lovely Professional University, Maharana Pratap Group of Institutions, Manav Rachna International University and Aakash Institute. The proposed guidelines bar the educational institutions from claiming that enrollment in the institution or programme will provide the student a temporary or permanent job, job promotions or salary increase, etc, unless the advertiser is able to substantiate and also assume full responsibility of the advertisement.

Additionally, advertisements shall not make claims regarding extent of the batch placed, highest or average compensation of the students placed, admissions of students to renowned educational institutes, and affiliation with a foreign institution, etc, unless they are substantiated with evidence. As per the proposed guidelines, an advertisement will not state or lead the public to believe that an institution or course or programme is recognised, authorised or accredited, unless the advertiser is able to substantiate with evidence. Guidelines also suggested that the name and logo, if any, of the affiliated institution, shall be in the same font size as that of the advertised institution or programme in all forms of visual media, and in case of audio media, such as radio or TV, the name of the affiliated institution must be stated.