Mobile to locate misplaced items

Two students from IIT Madras in their second year of education in the engineering design department have developed a technique, blutag, to locate the misplaced things using the bluetooth technology and mobile phone. The item to be located is tagged with a Bluetooth module, each of which has unique code. The code will be embedded in a barcode sticker or a chip-like object. This will then be pasted on items that you want to tag.

The students have written a code for a mobile application. When you need to locate the object, all you have to do is specify which object you are looking for and the application searches for the unique code of the object and connects with the Bluetooth module, which would then beep and glow to reveal its location. Java application has been used by students to execute the said idea. Blutag is a spirit of engineering (SOE) project developed at the Centre For Innovation on the campus.