UIDAI and HRD partner for education schemes

The Indian Human Resource Development Ministry has signed a MoU with Unique Identification Authority of India, realising the importance of Unique Identification Number. The partnership is to support education sector for better implementation of schemes, tracking student's record and curbing menace of fake degrees.The proposed MoU would be helpful in tracking student's mobility by creating an electronic registry of all students, right from primary/elementary level through secondary and higher education, as also between the institutions. The agreement was signed between Amit Khare, Joint Secretary, HRD Ministry and Anil Kachi, Deputy Director GeneraL, UIDAI.

The HRD Ministry will co-operate and collaborate with the UIDAI in conducting proof of concept (PoC) studies, pilots to test the working of the technology and process of enrolment into the UID database, identify Registrars for the implementation of the UID project (PoC and pilots). UIDAI has been set up by the government for issuing UID number to all citizens, based on demographic and biometric data of the individuals. The issuing of UID number to all the residents of India will be based on demographic and biometric data of the individual.