Apple to launch next versions of iphone, ipad

The rumours about the upcoming iPad 2 and iPhone 5 are gaining momentum with each passing day. Apple has been tight lipped about the launch of these 2 much awaited gadgets but the tech rumour sites are going overboard with speculations. The launch of iPad 2 is expected to be earlier since a lot of rival companies have come up with their tablet contenders and most of them are way too powerful than the first generation iPad. The industry analysts predict that Apple is going to boost the graphical capability of the next versions of iPad and iPhone to cope up with the demand of the customers. It is not clear if the resolution of the retina display of the iPhone 4 will be stepped up further. The resolution of the iPad 2 may be stepped up. The iPhone 5 is expected to have better imaging and video recording capabilities and chances are there it may also support full HD content playback and capture. This should not come as a surprise since most of the android smart phones that have been showcased at the recently held CES boast this feature. The rumours also suggest that Apple will either use a dual core CPU in the next iPhone or stick with the single core CPU but will use one with higher clock speed. The iPhone 5 may also have an HDMI output for HD output to big screens. The 4G network is being offered by a number of carriers in USA and Verizon is now rolling out its super speed 4G LTE network. The next version of iPhone may also be 4G compatible.