Innovative Education Concepts

IE Concepts is a new initiative in education, with ideas to spearhead the change in education in India. The aim of the initiative is to be well recognised in the education field for the quality of services and  training provided to various schools across India. Their objective is to be a part of the  change in the education trend in India

By Sudarshan Borker

Innovative Education (IE) Concepts works with schools to provide low cost IT solutions to set up interactive learning centers for language labs, math lab, other applications and smart class solution. It helps improve teacher's teaching skills and develop new innovative educational products which will help in changing the current education trend that has been followed for years.

IE Concepts conduct seminars for principals and teachers to enable them stay abreast with new practices evolving in education and teaching methodologies and make schools aware of ICT in education.

Products of IE Concepts: EduPc

EduPC is a low cost computing device which lets schools set up language labs, math labs or an interactive learning center at cost effective prices which requires multiple computers. The technology eliminates the use of multiple desktop computers environment replacing to a consolidated client-server computing model, hence reducing the overall set up cost by 50 per cent. These units have no moving parts or internal hard-disk as the data is stored on the server  and the access to certain applications can be restricted to the users. Overall in the long run,  there is no need for system replacements or system updates. The server is the only  hardware which needs to be updated.

The system supports over 30 users  on a CPU server setup, as per user  configuration. It consumes less power  as compared to desktop units, thus reducing  energy cost and air conditioning  usage. It also has rich multimedia playback for video  files and high quality audio and  animation. Investment cost to set up desktop units   is reduced by 50 per cent and long term operations cost saved by 75 per cent. The solution is compatible with other learnings and supports Windows.

What is IE Class?

IE Class is one-of-its-kind product for leveraging the power of web with its simple user interface, allowing the instructor to teach using a wide variety of media. These include audio and video playback, web browser and access to YouTube educational videos, all displayed  through a data projector or on a LCD screen. The device is used as a stand alone unit in schools where they opt for just one or few units  where purchase of server is not required. It would support all features as a networked setup and the content would have to be stored  on an external device. Compared to a desktop computers, the solution eliminates applications that are hardly used in the  classroom. The devices add value to the technical aspect of the class setup and also makes it easier for the user.

With competitive features and low cost, the solution gives schools the liberty to setup their  own infrastructure and load relevant content for use.

Benefits of EduPC

  • Low Cost
  • Low power Consumption
  • Back up power not required
  • No Air conditioning require as no moving parts in the device
  • Easy Installation
  • Smart Design
  • Supports all Multimedia including Mic and Audio input
  • 30 frames per second video streaming from server (Best Quality)
  • No AMC required for the Devices
  • Automatically adjust to main server hardware configuration
      (only Hardware to be upgraded and maintained)
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