Shiv Nadar University set up in Greater Noida

The Shiv Nadar Foundation has established a university in Greater Noida to offer undergraduate, postgraduate and professional degrees across a number of disciplines.The Government of Uttar Pradesh has enacted the necessary legislation for the establishment of the Shiv Nadar University in the State. TSR Subramanian, Trustee Shiv Nadar Foundation said, “Uttar Pradesh has an extremely progressive approach towards education and we are thankful for the support of the state government which has approved our proposal to establish the Shiv Nadar University. The Foundation is committed to setting up an institution bench-marked to truly global standards, which will offer Indian as well as foreign students a first-class research driven and interdisciplinary educational experience. Apart from the students it will benefit directly, it will also contribute to the development of Uttar Pradesh by enhancing its position as an education hub.” Welcoming these developments, Shiv Nadar, Founder, HCL, Chairman, HCL Technologies and the Shiv Nadar Foundation, said, “While India can be justifiably proud of having a robust education infrastructure, it has not uniformly kept in tune with the current Indian and global needs in higher education. The progressive outlook of Uttar Pradesh has enabled us to set up a University with a multidisciplinary and research led character to address many of these issues. We are delighted with the long association and deep roots we have within the State, which also happens to be HCL's birthplace”. The Shiv Nadar Foundation also announces the appointment of Dr. Nikhil Sinha, as the founding Vice-Chancellor of the Shiv Nadar University. According to Dr. Nikhil Sinha, the founding Vice-Chancellor of the University, “We have already begun the process of recruiting top class talent in both faculty and administrators for the University. Our goal is to recruit exceptional faculty from India and around the world by offering them competitive benefits, opportunities and resources for research, the best and brightest students to teach and a commitment to academic freedom. Students will have the opportunity to be taught by outstanding faculty, to participate in research and experiential learning programs, to enhance their degree programs with international educational experiences and live and learn in a campus with world class infrastructure and facilities”.