digitOpportunities for Indian and European ICT Research

eInfrastructures are becoming fundamental resources for supporting activities across the public sector in areas such as eGovernment, eResearch and eHealth. The drive towards building a smart society requires the federation of services and reduction of fragmentation, the improvement of security and access to data and resources, developing interoperability to avoid vendor lock-in, and educating the next generation of users and developers to benefit from such technologies. In short, advances in eDevelopment and eInfrastructures can lead to far-reaching improvements for all levels of society. Sound familiar? Well these are just some of the challenges that are not only being faced in India today, but are also major concerns in Europe.

The Euro-India SPIRIT workshop to be held Monday 1 August at eWorld 2011, New Delhi, will focus on how Indian and European organizations are addressing such challenges through European Commission funded ICT collaborative research projects. Through live testimonials, the workshop will highlight the direct benefits that Indian organizations are experiencing through joining EU-Indian collaborative ICT research projects that are funded by the European Commission. Participants will learn about how IBM Research, Bangalore, are benefitting from such cooperation. Through their involvement with the EC-funded Cockpit project , IBM Research Bangalore are working towards establishing new governance models to engage and empower citizens in the public service delivery decision making process