River Valley School Sringapatna, Karnataka

Chairman: Rame Gowda
Rame Gowda is the Chairman and Founder of River Valley School, which has been in operation since the year 1988. The institute caters to students in lower, higher primary and high school segments. The institute also serves as an integrated rehabilitation centre and a training centre for Anganawadi workers.
Enriching education by digital means
Ever since we started using digital teaching tools, we have realised that such technologies have the effect of further enriching the education that we have been imparting through traditional classrooms. The one way lecturing method of education is not as effective as the interactive and participatory sessions, which get fostered by digital means. An interactive whiteboard can enable a teacher to It is a very effective instructional strategy which enhances flexible learning and visual thinking for students.

 Range of digital technologies
The range of digital technologies deployed at the school includes Interactive Smart Boards, which have been provided by Classteacher Learning Systems. In times to come we plan to use more technological systems developed by Classteacher to further improve the process of education. The main goal of these digital learning tools is to improve the level of interactions that happen between the teachers and the students. Keeping in mind the number of students we have in our school the number of computers proves quite sufficient. Our teachers occasionally use premium educational content available in the Internet and in the Cloud Space to further embellish the courseware that they use for teaching their students. Digital streams of education offer the advantage of exposing the faculty and the students to ideas that are global in scope. Thus we are able to prepare students for leading productive life in a globalised world
Vision Statement
Our main aim is to contribute to building an India, where people from every section of society can gain access to quality education.