Shri L G Haria Multipurpose School Valsad, Gujarat

Chairman: Kantibhai Haria
Kantibhai Haria is the son of Lakhamshi Govindji Haria, a pioneer behind the chain of schools and technical institutions located in different parts of Gujarat. Kantibhai Haria has left no stone unturned in achieving his father’s dreams of creating vibrant institutions. Under his leadership, Shri L G Haria Multipurpose School has turned into a full-fledged educational institution. Digital teaching tools, which encompass videos, audios and We are against the idea of making students sponge on facts and figures; we wish to use digital tools to provide practical training to our students The institute has deployed Iken Library, English Language Lab, Simulators and different types of automation systems for providing better education facilities. The institute has around 75 computers.

Vision Statement
pictures, are naturally imbued with the power of attracting the present generation of students. Digital classrooms are becoming mandatory in all the schools. There is growing confidence among teachers as the content is engaging and motivating the students both outside and inside the classroom.