Breaking the Language Barrier

Sanako Corporation is the global leader in developing language teaching software and language labs. They have worked closely with the customers around the world for the past 50 years to enable better speaking, comprehension and communication skills for language learners. Their solutions have been deployed at some of India’s premier institutions. Since, launching its operations in India in November 2009, EBS has been one of the early adopters of Sanako’s services.

Sanako Study 1200 Lab at EBS
After an exhaustive review of Era Business School’s (EBS) requirements, Sanako recommended Sanako Study 1200. This learning system includes all the features and functions that are essential for effective and enjoyable teaching and learning, such as screen transfer features, audio and text communication tools, web browsing and programme launch capabilities, file functions, and classroom management and control features. It even facilitates group and individual learning through one-to-one communication between a teacher and a student and among students, that is peer-to-peer learning.

Key Benefits for EBS
Language Agnostic Solution: A prime example of where Era Business School’s faculty found the Sanako Study 1200 solution extremely useful was in teaching Mandarin to the students; it is considered one of the most difficult languages in the world. The solution set-up allowed the teachers to decide which student would converse with whom in a group, which in turn enabled the smart students and quick learners to help the shy and less-skilled students. Furthermore, the Sanako Study 1200 solution facilitated one-to-one, peer-to-peer, one-to-many, group leader-to-student group conversations. In fact, the faculty at EBS discovered that peer-to-peer training gave better results than tutor-to-student training.

“Language Lab has enabled better management of language classes. We see unlimited opportunities to enhance our language instruction offered by the system. Teachers and students are more motivated and the learning experience is richer”, says Dr Sanjiv Marwah, Director, EBS “With Sanako Study 1200, Voice Insert & Voice Graph Activity, I have managed to overcome my fear of public speaking and gain much more confidence,” Anil Sharma, Student

Sanako Lab 100 at CIIL
Central Institute of Indian Languages (CIIL) is an apex government institute in India that promotes multilingualism and teaches various Indian languages to thousands of young and energetic students in India, through its regional language centers.

One of the biggest branches of CIIL is its northern wing – Northern Regional Language Center (NRLC) in Patiala. The key languages taught at NRLC, Patiala are Kashmiri, Urdu, Dogri and Punjabi. CIIL believes in using different technical aids to help enhance language trainings and is pleased to be associated with Sanako Corporation.

Sanako Corporation has implemented Sanako Lab 100 at Northern Regional Language Center (NRLC) in Patiala. This learning system supports different facets of language learning, from listening comprehension and model imitation to discussion exercises and interpretation activities.

Students operate a handy User Audio Panel that combines traditional recorder functions with additional language learning and testing features which make lesson participation easy, as well as enable students to have an active role in the learning process.

“At NRLC we are glad to be associated with Sanako Corporation. We have been using Sanako Language software for over five years now. The Lab not only provides the students and teachers of NRLC with audio/ visual aids, but also simplifies and makes the entire process of learning the language effective and interesting”, says

Dr  R K Bhat, Principal, Northern Regional Language Center (NRLC), Patiala Students can simulate real life situations, such as conversations, phoning, presentations and interpretation, keeping students motivated and excited while acquiring needed language skills for personal and professional development. It allows more students to practice speaking in less time and focuses students on comprehension and fluency of speech.

With its exceptional audio quality, Sanako Lab 100 offers students the opportunity to develop their foreign language skills, as well as their listening proficiency, in an environment that is entertaining and stimulating and which promotes effective language acquisition.

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