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Company: Edutech India P Ltd
Category: Robotics Lab
Target Vertical: K-12, Higher Education

Product Name:LEGOMindstormsfor Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths
Details:With LEGO MINDSTORMS Education students can build robots and use software to plan, test and modify sequences of instructions from a variety of real life robotic behaviours. They gather and analyse data from sensors using data logging functionalities such as graph view. Robotics is an exciting way to bring science, technology, engineering and mathematics to a classroom.Includes the programmable NXT Brick, providing on-brick programming and data logging, three interactive servo motors, ultrasonic, sound, light and two touch sensors, a rechargeable battery, connecting cables, and full-colour building instructions.Key Learning Values:

  • Developing solutions, selecting, building, testing and evaluating
  • Brainstorm to find creative alternative solutions
  • Learn to communicate, share ideas and work together
  • Hands-on experience with sensors, motors and intelligent units


Company: Edaxis
Category: Language Lab
Target: K-12, Higher Education

Product Name: ILingua
“Ilingua” is a reference which teaches students “how to pronounce English words and phrases correctly and without accent”.  Ilingua further includes Listening, Writing and Grammar parts but there is no lesson system in it. This educational method uses “BBC pronunciation” which is the standard way of speaking on BBC radio and on television. In this programme there are 5000 voices already recorded into the dictionary, and about 1500 multimedia exercises divided into six chapters.The training is based on the comparison of your own pronunciation with the sample not only orally, but also visually, by graphic on the screen of the monitor.Bilingual version of software is also available which helps a person to learn English from Hindi or other Indian Languages.Price: 7-8K for single user licence and 85 plus taxes for 30+1 user.


Company: Sparsh Learning
Category: Robotics Lab
Target Vertical: Higher Education
Product Name:iLeanmore

iLeanMore platform contains various advanced exploratory scenarios and real time application development, which focuses on improvements in student learning by providing intellectually stimulating problems that demand higher-order thinking and problem-solving skills.

USP: No dependency on other hardware resources. Only windows based laptops, desktops are required.

Price:  20$ per student per year per virtual lab.

Upcoming Digital Labs: Sparsh is piloting Programming in C/C++/JAVA/Python virtual labs and also developing labs in control systems, digital image processing, databases and operating systems.


Company Name:  Sanako
Product Name: Sanako Study solo
Sanako Study Solo is a powerful language learning software application with integratedcontent for improving language skills either independently or in the language classroom. Sanako offes selection of content modules to be used exclusively in Study Solo. This off-the-shelf modular content includes different types of exercises for studying English, and is designed to develop all four key skills of language learning: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Content for exploration of English at different levels and with different end goals will be available.In the future content will also be available for other languages. Sanako will also be offering services for larger projects where content can be customised for specific needs.Taking Study Solo into use is easy, and provides Sanako customers with a great stand-alone option for language study. After purchase it can quickly be activated by a token availablefrom Sanako’s internet site. Content modules can also be easily downloaded from the internet and quickly installed into the application’s content library, where users can actively interact with the content and start improving their language skills immediately.

Combining interactive multimedia content and the application of Study Solo makes the language learning not only fun but also very rewarding. Sanako Study Solo has effective exercises for learning pronunciation and intonation – crucial elements when communicating in a foreign language. Most importantly today’s IT-literate students are more motivated when using multimedia tools in general and the same is true for language learning.


Company: NIIT
Category: Maths Lab
Target: K-12

NIIT’s Math Lab builds an appealing world full of color, touch, sound and exploration around the ‘dry’ subject of Mathematics. It comes with multiple Teaching and Learning Aids like Technology Applications, Videos, Manipulative, Measuring Instruments, Tables and Charts. Theme based ambience complete with chairs, tables, posters, floor tiles which creates the right environment.

It helps student understanding Math concepts using concrete objects and improve confidence through learning by doing. It helps teachers to give individual attention to students, promote project based learning.

This unique digital lab is the perfect mixture of technology enabled learning and has the following unique features:

  • Opportunities for students to explore, reflect and interpret ideas presented through various media
  • Exposure to a variety of strategies and perspectives in solving problems individually and collaboratively
  • Facility to frame and test hypothesis, identify, describe, formulate and reformulate problems
  • Availability of models, Charts, Teaching Aids, Manipulative and Interactive activities to verify math facts and properties
  • Specialized Software tools such as Geometer’s Sketchpad to enhance the learning of subjects like Geometry, Algebra and Trigonometry more interactively

Math Lab comes with complete hardware, software and infrastructure support. It comes with computers loaded with Windows XP, Antivirus software and Geometer’s Sketch pad for students and teacher. Multimedia based Teaching Learning Material with 487 Activities, Teaching aids like Manipulative, Posters, Charts, Graphs, Measuring Instruments, Faculty Guide and Videos. Theme based ambience with chairs, tables, posters, floor tiles which creates the right environment. The price range is Rs.10-15 lacs.


Company: ThinkLABS
Category: RoboLAB – Robotics Learning System( RLS )
Lab Type: (Language, Science, math, Robotic, etc.): Robotics
Target Vertical(s): Schools, Jr Colleges
Features and specifications:

The hardware “i-Pitara Pro” has numerous components including 4 types of sensors, micro-controller with memory, remote-control unit and more than 70 building parts, which ensures multiple robot designs by clever and skillful crafting.

The software “CiMPLE” is the key feature of RLS. It has not only won hearts of students but it is also the first-ever brand ambassador of the NOKIA – QT Platform (CiMPLE won the recognition from among 85 competing software entries worldwide). CiMPLE is a Visual Programming Language that highlights the relevance of programming (logic and algorithm). A school student does not need to write the actual code. He/she will just drag and drop various elements and build the program for his robot. We have provided numerous options in the software to facilitate students to discover their creative potential and build their problem solving skills. For those who want to learn more, we have provided with a source code editor option too.

  • The RLS content is mapped with the existing science, math and programming curriculum in the school.
  • Using i-pitara and CiMPLE, students can make numerous robots, only limited by their creativity.
  • The micro-controller supports 6 sensors at a time (highest among the competitors). We therefore provide highest number and types of sensors in our kits.
  • Our product costs only 60% of the internationally available products.
  • Virtual robotics, an innovation which helps students explore their artistic dimension and teaches students to animate the robots on screen has been developed in the form of ‘Virtu’

Price: Minimum investment of `4.5 Lakhs over three years.


Company: Pearson Cogmed
Category: Cogmed-Working Memory Training
Lab Type: Science (Cognitive Training)
Target Vertical(s): School students- Pre Primary, Primary, Middle, Secondary& Senior Secondary segments

Features and specification: Cogmed is a learning solution in the ICT space because of its focus on addressing a difficulty in learning rather than enhancing the mode of learning.  Working memory constraint is a major cause of difficulty in learning. Cogmed is a cognitive training program that improves attention in those with working memory constraints, using an interactive digital platform and a highly animated user interface. Based on a foundation of extensive research and backed by validation in prestigious research institutions all over the world, Cogmed is a fusion of cutting-edge research on memory with innovative computer game design and close professional support. The digital platform enables a trained Cogmed Coach to monitor the progress of each student, and motivate her to ensure completion of the program.Highlights:

  • Five weeks of engaging sessions using an animated and highly interactive game design format, for five days a week.
  • Training can be taken at school as well as at home.
  • Monitored by a cogmed coach and overseen by a psychologist.
  • Each session adapts its difficulty level in real time to ensure the child is always training at the upper limit of her working memory capacity.
  • Three versions available: Cogmed JM (Pre Primary School), Cogmed QM ( Primary & Middle School) and Cogmed RM (Secondary & Senior Secondary School).
  • Successfully implemented in schools globally and available in over 35 countries.

Price: `15,500+tax, per training (one training per user)


Company: Waterford
Category: Waterford Assessments of Core Skills (WACS)
Target Vertical: K-12

Waterford Assessments of Core Skills (WACS), an adaptive reading assessment for pre-Kindergarten to second grade students, is designed to assess the following reading skill areas: letter names, letter sounds, initial sounds, blending, segmenting, real words, sight words, nonwords, vocabulary, and listening and reading comprehension.

The major strength of WACS is its adaptive sequencing technology. As children correctly answer questions within a content area, the questions’ difficulty level will increase up to a fourth-grade level. If a child fails to answer questions correctly within a content area, he or she will receive less difficult questions in order to identify the area in which more instruction and practice is needed. In this way, WACS can indicate the full range of a child’s capabilities rather than just providing a satisfactory or unsatisfactory assessment, thereby providing invaluable information about a child’s needs, abilities, and strengths. In addition, because the test adapts to the child’s input, a significant level of detailed information can be gleaned in one testing session, thereby reducing both testing time and the stress associated with multiple testing sessions. WACS designers have developed 4 times the number of items on a typical elementary-school–level assessment: 30% at the beginner level; 40 percent at the intermediate level; and 30 percent at the advanced level for each grade per content area.

WACS is based on nationally recognized guidelines for reading assessment and scientific research, including the guidelines presented in the National Reading Panel’s report, “Teaching Children to Read: An Evidence-Based Assessment of the Scientific Literature on Reading and Its Implications for Reading Instruction,” which established guidelines for educators, curriculum developers, school administrators, and assessment content designers.


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