InfoPro Launches Collaborative Learning Platform GNOSIS

InfoPro Learning, Inc, a learning solutions company, has announced the release of Gnosis, an online collaborative learning platform that empowers learners by helping organizations tap into the in-depth, tacit knowledge and experience of their experts. With Gnosis, people can share knowledge, experience, and expertise in real time.

Gnosis was designed as a holistic collaborative learning platform that bridges the gap and provides continuity between formal and informal learning. A simple click of a button provides access to all the information and experience available within an organization. Gnosis combines diverse, evidence-based collaborative and social learning methods with powerful, flexible, and incredibly efficient technology.

Key features of Gnosis include: Communities of practice that allow users to create and join interest-based user groups and discussion forums. It offers Discovery-based learning to help users discover and retain meaningful information. Its Measurement tools allow organizations to measure learning collaboration by assessing each contribution.

It offers a varied information base that supports a wide variety, including audio, video, text, and images. An intuitive interface with anytime, anywhere access and support for a variety of mobile devices.
“We developed Gnosis to provide a structured approach to informal learning methodology, while also making it measurable,” says Arun Prakash, Executive Vice President. “We believe that this platform will tremendously help corporate, education, and publishing institutions with its cutting-edge, comprehensive offerings. Gnosis offers these institutions a variety of features that facilitates continual team learning, critical thinking, information sharing, interaction with thought leaders, team coaching, team recognition, employee motivation, team feedback, team communication, and much more.”