“We Aim to Reach Out to 300 Schools by End of this Year”

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Amitava Banerjee, Head of Marketing, Rumi Education, talks about the advanced solutions that his company is offering to schools, inconversation with Pragya Gupta, ENN

Please share the genesis of Rumi Education in India.

Rumi is an education solutions company that is dedicated to transforming the quality of education provided in schools. We offer a host of education solutions that are world-class, comprehensive, cost-effective and enable partner institutions
to greatly enhance learning outcomes.

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Rumi was established in 2008 by the Richard Chandler Corporation, a Singapore-based investment organisation. We strongly believe that making quality education cost-effective for all is the first step towards building a strong and prosperous society.

Tell us about Rumi’s classroom solutions.

Rumi Ready School is our introductory programme that enhances the school’s present curriculum. It can be implemented at any time during the academic year. The programme focuses on language development, communication skills and phonics training, conceptual tools for Math and enables students to acquire the skills that are essential for social interaction and knowledge absorption. The product is available for pre-primary, primary and high schools.

Rumi Smart School is a comprehensive programme that introduces core curriculum and runs throughout the academic year. The core curriculum includes specially conceptualised enhancement tools to boost inquiry-based learning that aims to satisfy students’ curiosity and offers an exploratory approach to build problem-solving and thinking skills. The tools are designed to develop confidence, critical thinking, and articulation skills that allow real-life application and lay the foundation for higher learning.

Rumi Digital Skills is an add-on programme. This award-winning digital education product has an IT-based curriculum and seeks to develop students for future employability.

Rumi English for Teachers present a rigorous curriculum that aims to improve the English speaking skills of teachers, thereby enabling them to communicate better with their students.

What is your opinion on the issue of having curriculum that is more employability specific?

‘Employability’ refers to a candidate’s potential to obtain a ‘job’, and should not be confused with the actual acquisition of the job. Whereas the world of employment has, by and large, been satisfied with the disciplinary understanding and skills developed as a consequence of participation in education, it has been less happy with the development of what has been termed ‘generic skills’, such as communication, team-work and critical thinking. Employability derives from complex learning, and is a concept of wider range than those of ‘core’ and ‘key’ skills. And our programmes like Rumi Digital Skills and Rumi English for Teachers addresses just those gaps.

Please highlight your plans for the Indian market?

Successful implementation of our school education solutions leads to improved academic performance, better student attendance, reduced dropout rates and increased motivation, retention and engagement of teachers. Our mission is to be the market leader in providing education solutions by offering comprehensive and sustainable education solutions that enable schools, teachers and students reach their full potential through effective and innovative teachinglearning methods. We aim to reach out to 300 schools by the end of this year. “We Aim to Reach Out to 300 Schools by End of this Year” Amitava Banerjee, Head of Marketing, Rumi Education, talks about the advanced solutions that his company is offering to schools, inconversation with Pragya Gupta, ENN Corporate Diary

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