Career 2.0 for students’ dream jobs

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Networking is an important tool, works alike for job seekers and for Job hunters. It is very important that one begins networking relationships in the right way. Whether you accept it or not, you are a brand now. And social media communicates your brand more so than a resume.
Now, Indian students are graduating from social networking to professional networking. A recent study by the social media site revealed the top 10 companies that students would want to work for in the country.

This is based on the students’ LinkedIn activities that gave information such as the job pages students look at, the number of followers for a company, and track how students are looking at companies. This activity, of course, increases during the placement season.
Of LinkedIn’s 20 million student members, over 11 per cent are in India. They are using the professional networking site to follow their ‘dream’ companies or sectors.
These members, who are largely below 25 years, have graduated in the last three years, or have mentioned ‘student’ in personal profiles. In turn, professional networking site LinkedIn is now helping companies engage with students or recent grads through career pages.
Companies such as L&T and HCL Technologies are using LinkedIn to reach out to students for employer branding. The most watched mid-size companies among Indian students are Facebook, Sapient, Biocon, Flipkart and Nvidia.


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