July 2012

Experiencing New Innovations in Education

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The Pearson chain of schools was established in 2008, with the aim of delivering world-class education at an affordable price. Pearson Schools manage, operate and build high quality schools that focus on quality control and standardization. Started off with an ambitious target of having 100 schools within 5 years, today Pearson Schools is the fastest growing chain of schools in India, with over 27 schools in India and Nepal. Pearson School offer complete solutions to schools. Different schools in India using Pearson solutions share their experience with new innovative tools in education.

Saroja Rathnam , Principal, Amanora School, on use of modern teaching tools
We at Amanora School believe that learning happens most naturally through developing, listening and visualising skills. Solutions from ICT are of great help in developing the cognitive aspects of the learner and hence learning happens most effectively with higher retention.

Judith Singh, Principal, Cambridge Public School, on digital teaching tools
We are planning to add ICT boards, introduce tablets, implement Power School solution with the view of attaining the following objectives:
• Guide my students to success, designing maximum activities for them to work on the topics as ‘class projects’ with ICT integration.
• Equip MATH lab with e-activities for enrichment.
• Encourage and exchange ideas with colleagues / teachers about ICT integration and quality of education.
• Students get connected to teachers via Skype / video talk or are able to discuss with experts wherever and whenever needed. We use Edurite DigiClass, which is an interactive, ICT based classroom solution.

Prabha Balasubramaniam, Principal, Amara Jyothi Public School, Bangalore, on CCE system and assistive software
We face challenges like lack of instructional tips, lack of support material, and creative aids. Solutions from ICT provide teachers with excellent resources for
creating their own lessons (state- CBSE-ICSE syllabus). These personal lessons can include mind mapping of concepts, introduction, previous knowledge links and animations from digital sources, drawings,  pictures drawn on e-white board, interesting related facts, lesson notes with highlights, summary of the lesson, evaluation pages.


Ahanjith Chandra Routh, Principal, Pailan World School, on CCE model
A learner with CCE model of assessment stands to benefit, as assessment is in fragments. CCE brings lot of transparency to the system of evaluating various students, and hence it is of great benefit.

Rekha Shiralkar, Principal, Jnanasarovara International Residential School, Mysore, on training of teachers
Working in a school managed by Pearson is a reward for us, as the teachers are given maximum support and encouragement. We are provided with excellent infrastructure, ICT resources, timely training and teacher development programmes and have ample opportunities to achieve the target of excellence in education.


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