July 2012

Shaping Finest Minds

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Suneel Galgotia, Chairman, Galgotias Educational Institutions, in conversation with Sheena Joseph Cherian, provides his views on the university’s initiatives in shaping the nation’s educational landscape

Suneel GalgotiaWhat differentiates Galgotias University from other universities?
Galgotias University has been founded with a vision to create and perpetuate
a thinking ecosystem for the education of outstanding students so as to enlarge their thinking and imagination, so that they emerge intellectually, socially and spiritually as evolved global leaders.
When we started Galgotias Educational Institutions, we had one clear objective: that we would create institutions, and not mere organisations. While both institutions and organisations need great human and physical infrastructure, what distinguishes an institution from an organisation is that an institution is an edifice built on the foundation of a better thought and deeper value system.
The mission of Galgotias University is to enable the finest student and faculty bodies to learn together, through the most evolved education processes in an atmosphere of rigour and discipline. Every effort is made, to evolve a culture of learning excellence, which emerges from and integrates with real life industry, science and commerce processes.

What global advantages is Galgotias University bringing to India?
We have put a number of global level academic building blocks into place to ensure that Galgotias University serves as a beacon of excellence for all to emulate for generations to come.
First, we firmly believe that only the finest minds can shape the finest minds of the future, for life. That is why Galgotias University’s global-level faculty comprises finest academic minds drawn from top international universities, like Purdue University, Georgia Tech, Oakland, Arkansas State University & National University Singapore.
Secondly, to augment our quest for academic excellence, we have put in place  a basket of international pedagogies right from the beginning. These bring out the best in every student and enable students to maximise their  potential. One of these is the Fully Flexible Credit System that enables  Galgotias University students to pursue liberal arts subjects like music, fine  art and theatre along with disciplines such as engineering and management, in  line with students’ talents and interests. This makes sure that students are  able to pursue their ambitions as well as their passions in a balanced manner,  so as to develop as complete human beings.

What building blocks enable Galgotias to get 100 percent placements?
Continuing with the academic building blocks, Galgotias industry-led syllabus enables comprehensive student training, industry-relevant project support, industry visits and internships, handson technical and soft skills training.  Extensive interaction with domain experts ensures the absolute job-readiness  of each student. The power and relevance of industry-led  syllabi drive academic excellence among the Galgotias faculty and students  thereby enabling industry leaders to recruit at Galgotias year after year.  Industry and media surveys reveal placements of 100 percent every year. Key recruiters like Infosys are recruiting in ever-greater numbers every year because of their huge growth in the quality of Galgotias students.

How important is research and development at Galgotias University?
We have empowered our students with the power of thinking quotient, the art  of experiential learning and skills to learn continuously for life. This is supported with Galgotias University’s research-driven education, huge  laboratory infrastructure and dedicated research-oriented faculty with a proven track record of instilling a research culture in the students body right  from year one. Stress is laid upon producing cutting-edge innovation and  applying learning practically, to serve industry and society. NASA has  recognised Galgotias’ talent by selecting the Moon-Buggy designed by  Galgotias student for permanent exhibit at the NASA Marshall Space Centre,  Huntsville, Alabama, USA. What is even more credit worthy that NASA has  selected Galgotias among five Universities from across the globe and  Galgotias is the only private university to be selected from India.

We have put a number of global level academic building blocks into place to ensure that Galgotias University serves as a beacon of excellence for all to emulate for generations to come

How do you ensure quality in
terms of student enrolment as well as quality faculty?
Galgotias University has emerged as the institution of choice for high calibre students pursuing higher studies. We are working today, so that through each   student, the thought seed of our tomorrow is nurtured well to ensure     that tomorrow’s India realises its potential, to become a great nation state. To ensure this we take students of good merit only, like in the case of engineering, students with less than 85 percent in PCM do not qualify for admission at Galgotias University.
High quality intake applies to the faculty too. The basic qualification for  teaching here is a PhD, so that even first year students are taught by PhD level  faculty who have studied and taught in institutions of excellence across  the world. All faculty have to be the best in their respective fields and from  the finest academic institutions of the world, so as to embody world-best  educational practises and a never-before learning experience for the students.


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