July 2012

“The tutor will be a Mere Facilitator of the Learning Process”

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Abbishek Shikky
CEO, Kloudpad on tablets trend in education 

What kind of role are tablets playing in education space for better learning delivery outcomes?
Tablets present a unique opportunity to deliver assisted learning to students across the educational ecosystem. With advancements in mobile computing, tablets will evolve to become the most effective learning convergence medium. Traditionally teaching and learning have been seen through the prism of “one size fits all” ideal. This needs to change. Modern technology is bringing vast changes in the educational landscape. An interactive touch based device can lead to better learning outcomes. There is also a huge opportunity to make education a custom experience by offering content that interacts with the learner based on his interests.

What kind of content for tablets are you offering to 
education institutes?
We currently partner with Attano India to deliver almost all curriculum books for CSBE, ICSE syllabus. There are model test papers available digitally for medical engineering students as well. We are also working with state governments to digitize their educational content as well. We also offer pre-school and primary education content focusing on language learning and early concept introduction in an interactive format targeting 2-8 yrs.

Please throw some light on the latest trends and
 futuristic solutions for tablets in education. Well the future is all about “adaptive learning”, no two students learn the same way.
Using technology the “eSLATE” will deliver custom lessons to students based on their individual learning patterns and in near future students will be able to control or dictate how their lesson plans are delivered. For instance, imagine putting the power in the hands of the students about what they want to learn in the next class. The tutor will be a mere facilitator of the learning process, because all content will be digitally available, it is just a matter of monitoring the “touch” driven access to education.



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