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Assessment in Higher Education is Tough

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Prof Rameshwar Rao,
Vice Chancellor, Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University

A business can be assessed on basis of profits that it makes, but in higher education we don’t have such parameters

Demand for higher education is increasing not only in India, but in every other developing country. As developing countries are home  to a very large young population, there is lot of demand for adult education and professional courses. While demand keeps on growing,  the traditional institutions in these countries are failing to keep up with the demand.
The developing nations need to make lot of new investments in the education space in order to bring about an improvement in their  educational outcomes. Quality in higher education basically signifies a certain level of excellence. There is a difference in the way we assess quality in the education sector. A business can be assessed on basis of profits that it makes, but in higher education we don’t  have such parameters.
How would you prepare the students to take admission in M Tech or in any other professional course? How do you prepare the students to take GRE or to become IAS officers?
Even though globalisation is welcome phenomenon to a large extent, the developing countries need to be careful about the  motivations of foreign universities.


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